The Community Behind The World Villas

The World Villas is the epitome of luxury – lying at the pinnacle of the iconic World Towers. What ties the all-encompassing luxury experience of the World Villas is the greater community around it. The grand entrance, much akin to the famous 5th Avenue of NYC. A hotspot of splendid culinary experiences, in the prime business and leisure hub of the city, host to the only Six Senses Spa in the city and home to India’s top echelon - over 600 people of 15+ nationalities, The World Towers is an experience befitting those who understand the finer things in life.

A vivacious expanse
Spread across 17 acres, the estate is situated right at the confluence of Worli and Lower Parel, two of the most spirited boroughs of South Central Mumbai. Being located right in the heart of the city on the Mumbai Mile places it in the hotspot of F&B, shopping and entertainment hubs, letting one live a ritzy, extravagant social life. Building up to The World Towers stands a grand fifth avenue-esque thoroughfare, lined with a serene public park on the left and the latest in the city’s obsession of fine dining – Townhall and Qualia, on the right.

A lifestyle that rejuvenates
Not too further in the walkabout, one is welcomed by a grand arch wider than the Gateway of India itself and the balletic sight of the dancing fountains, serenading away for the viewing pleasure of the residents. There is an unmistakeable, conscious effort to create a living experience that reinvigorates every day, This is also felt in the gymnasium, where lush greenery surrounds as one pushes their limits. A tropical themed pool, with islands and waterfalls creates an enriching, revitalizing experience on every occasion.

All of it is made complete by a host of other facilities, such as professional standard tennis courts, a football turf and an athletic track. Ideas of spirituality are embodied in the character of the surroundings, with a Jain temple that stands in the zone, fulfilling the soul. All of it, carefully created with the goal of having a utopian lifestyle, abundant with well-being, both mental and physical.

Luxury that is experienced
And then there is another facet of lifestyle which is as abstract as the concept of well-being itself. A state of luxury is experienced by each subject differently, oft elevated to a level where it remains elusive and fleeting in nature. A principle of ‘luxury that is experienced’ perceives it as sum of all things that makes luxury what it is – something that touches in everyday life. An in-house five star hospitality service, Saint Amand, caters to everything, from routine to momentous, from rational to whimsical and all in between. A true innovation in the residential setting, it comes with a promise of enabling its residents to enjoy their own perception of luxury and creating ‘peaks’ of experience in every breath.

All of it is housed in an architectural marvel, crafted by the convergence of legends from all across the world – from Armani/Casa to Pei Cobb Freed – every aspect constitutes the vision of an artist, transcending the development from a mere structure to a sculpture rising into the sky. Within the residences, the decks offer stunning vistas for one to take in as the sparkling city landscape comes alive.

Complimenting it all is everything expected from the finest, truly world class spaces. A stately ballroom, providing a perfect setting for that special evening. A private cinema theatre, replete with massaging recliners for the moguls of Hollywood. And an art gallery curated by connoisseurs, for connoisseurs, hosting all sorts of literary and visual artworks. All of it convenes together to create a luxury experience – meticulous, magnificent and masterful.

With a perfect combination of bespoke residences and amenities, the development is a unique world of remarkable experiences that offers its residents the country’s finest and the fittest living experience. Truly a cut above the rest.