An Unrivalled Hospitality Experience

Lodha Luxury introduces the first time ever as a real estate brand, a 5-star, in-house hospitality service for its distinguished residents. Saint Amand is designed to make every aspect of the residents’ lives easier by catering to all demands – from the routine to the most whimsical. Between the extensive network of local vendors and a deep knowledge of the surrounding community, there is almost nothing the experienced concierge can’t organize for you.

The Saint Amand service is imbued with warmth and personality and its philosophy is to not only meet, but also to consistently surpass all resident expectations. What elevates this service beyond a common hospitality brand is the relationship that is built with the resident right from day one. Without being intrusive and with the utmost discretion, the staff make a constant effort to learn of the residents’ preferences, hobbies, habits and much more and this allows for the tailor-made, personalized and, above all, detailed service that all modern luxury consumer yearn for. Luxury is all about the details, and Saint Amand prides itself on serving the discerning residents with unparalleled attention to detail.

The purpose of Saint Amand is to enrich the lives of Lodha Luxury residents. This applies in their residences and outside of it too. The highly experienced staff is well trained to host private parties, to look after the resident’s properties when they are away, and through their extensive network, reserve seats at local and international events. One thing is a certainty, as a resident of Lodha Luxury and with the five-star Saint Amand service, nowhere else will you feel like you’re this close to royalty.