Townhouse Living in the Heart of Mumbai

Independent living spaces and townhouses often remind you of your childhood. Ask a child to draw a house and you would see one with a huge green garden, a fence against trees and a clear sky. It’s also one where you would love to spend during your holidays. But, ever wondered how it would be to live every day at your weekend getaway? Drapes opening up to plush gardens, the comfort of opulent living, the serenity of petrichor during the monsoon and blissful silence almost every day. Homes on your self-owned piece of pristine land is often not an easy find in a city like Mumbai. Amidst the macro jungle of high rises, townhouses often are treasures you seek and wish to find.

Contemporary looks and modern amenities more often than not correlate with an apartment space. On the other hand, the picturesque townhouse that you first correspond to, is one where high-tea is served amidst the backdrop of a beautiful garden. What if we put them together to create a rare living experience? A place where modern styles converge with nature. Don’t we all want to whisk ourselves into this magical world?

Just like the magnificent panoramic views offered by the other gems in the collection by Lodha Luxury, Lodha Maison’s garden houses not only give you the luxury of privacy, but also a tranquil space right in the heart of the bustling city of Mumbai. These limited edition luxury townhouses, with the transcendence of a gated community of like-minded, bespoke home owners, are heirlooms in themselves. An amalgamation of indoor-outdoor living amidst a surrounding teeming with nature, the finest amenities at your disposal and the masters of luxury hospitality, Saint Amand at your service.