Open Skies from the Comfort of your Couch

‘The World Villas’ is considered to be the crowning jewel of the iconic World Towers project. Sitting atop the tallest of the three skyline-defining towers – the World One tower – there are a plethora of features that make this residence a special one: a private elevator lobby, a generously sized bare shell space to mark with your own signature, and even access to the most exclusive private members’ club in the entire city – Club Saint Amand. However, above all else, the essence of The World Villas lies in its sprawling outdoor deck spaces.

In a time where it is a necessity to stay indoors, these decks give you the means to view the city of Mumbai in a different light – to live in the city, yet high above the pandemonium. It truly is a rarity to have a feeling of serenity while you look over one of the busiest and highly populated cities in the world – but such is the enchanting nature of the decks at The World Villas.

The 1,200+ square feet of deck space in the residence goes beyond the idea of a traditional balcony. These decks should be considered as expansive outdoor spaces that are extensions of your indoor lifestyle – there really isn’t any limit to how you can utilize them, it is fully up to where your imagination takes you. The idea behind having this generous outdoor space within your residence is that it should be your passageway to inspiration, to gain perspective and harness positive energy – all while giving you the privilege of absolute privacy.

Do you have a penchant for art? The decks are the perfect place to set up an easel stand with the view of the city as endless inspiration. Are you a voracious reader? A reading nook in the sunlight gives you the perfect setting to get comfortable with a classic novel. Have you had a long day at work and just need to unwind? Pour yourself a drink at your beautifully crafted onyx bar in your bedroom deck after a long and laborious day. There really is nothing you cannot do on the decks at The World Villas – they will make spending all your time at home absolutely worth it.