The World at a Standstill gives us #TheLuxuryOfTime

As we continue through these extraordinary time, the need of the hour remains that people practice physical distancing by staying in our homes without venturing out. While this can cause some distress (as humans are naturally social beings) it can also open up several avenues that we might not have realized or acknowledged at first.

The world is at a standstill – and so is time. This is a time to for people to get re-acquainted with themselves and their loved ones, to practice physical, mental and emotional self-care, to do the things they never had the time to do and to maintain a positive outlook. While the luxuries around us are a constant, this luxury of time that we have fallen upon is temporary and it is up to us to make the most out of it.

For many of us, our regular lives take us or a loved one away from home for most of our waking hours – whether it be for work or socializing. This time at home gives us an opportunity to have the luxury of spending more time with our loved ones and getting re-acquainted with them again. Also with the minimization of distractions from the outside world, we also have a chance for introspection – to really evaluate ourselves.

This time could also be used to get re-acquainted with our old hobbies. This would be the best time to open up your old paint cans, finish that novel you started long ago or crack open the old guitar case and polish off the rust to re-live some of your childhood fantasies.

During this period, it is also important that we keep our brains active and functioning. For many of us who find that the workload has reduced or working from home isn’t even possible, this would be the perfect time to pick up a new skill. Modern technology allow us to learn new things in innovative and entertaining ways as well. Try learning a new software, practice speaking a different language or flip open that cook book and try a brand new recipe – that is what this time is for!