Luxury concierges, at-home services soothe lockdown woes of a privileged few

Lodha Park: Homing in on a connected lifestyle. Journeys on a private jet to foreign shores with special permissions from the civil aviation ministry, curated chef-cooked meals, renting a private theatre and spa services — nothing is impossible for a rather tidy sum of money.

If you are affluent, have money to spare and can pay a premium, several services offer everything that you may desire. You could book yourself just about anything: from a table at the most exclusive restaurant anywhere in India, even if they haven’t officially opened up, or the world (when air travel begins, as it will through the travel bubbles that India is establishing with different countries).

Saint Amand, a private concierge service for Lodha residents, available to residents of their luxury properties in Mumbai and London, has extended its services beyond the essentials (groceries, healthcare, and such) at the start of the pandemic, to luxury experiences now, among them, completely curated gourmet meals cooked by chefs.

“We organised a curated meal for a lady who wanted to surprise her husband for his birthday,” says Shyam Kaikini, who manages the hospitality division at Lodha Group and is a hospitality veteran. “Food is one of the cornerstones of our brand. Our private dining butlers have been housed on-site so there is no risk of travelling them up and down. They go home every two or three weeks and the next batch come in.” For the curated birthday dinner, the team drew up a menu with the lady of the house, the ingredients were sourced and the family’s kitchen was used to cook.

The Saint Amand team has sourced even the most exotic ingredients on demand for residents, from rare truffles to exotic fruits.

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