Saint Amand ensures safety of The World Towers Community

Lodha Maison showcases luxury in the lap of nature.. As the world battles an unprecedented challenge with COVID-19, our in-house hospitality team Saint Amand has ensured the highest standards of safety and comfort for The World Towers residents. Going far and beyond the call of duty, the team is stationed at site 24x7 to manage essential services and provide personalized service to the residents. The World Towers community has emerged stronger as they came forward to support each other during these challenging times. For the residents, the lockdown was a vindication of their decision to make The World Towers their home, a cloak of safety in times of peril.

Elucidating on her experience, Ms. Rushmee Shah, a resident recounts, “This is my beautiful home. A place which took care of me and my family during the tough times of global pandemic. I am really grateful to the Saint Amand team who made things easier for me and for all of us living here. Even the minutest things are taken care of to ensure that we are safe.”

Mr. Doulat Aswani, an NRI based in Dubai who visited Mumbai right before the lockdown echoes similar sentiment, he says, “One good thing that Saint Amand did this time was that they kept all the essential staff in-house. So, during the whole lockdown period, we never had any problems and everything was maintained well.”

In these extraordinary circumstances, the contribution of Saint Amand has solidified and strengthened our promise of truly delivering India’s finest and fittest living experience. Here's a video of residents sharing their experience and expressing their gratitude to Saint Amand.

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