6 Home Decor Ideas - A Luxurious Indulgence

The metropolitan city of Mumbai is an exciting confluence of cultures from not only across India, but from A lavish home is like an untouched canvas waiting to be decked with unique art pieces that stand apart from the rest. Talking about canvases, paintings certainly are a paradise for art collectors and those planning a luxurious home.

With paintings of acclaimed painters like Claude Monet and Robert Rauschenberg selling for $ 110.7 million and $88.8 million respectively at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in late May of this year speaks volumes about their unparalleled value as elements of Art Deco.

Imagine an antique piano sitting pretty at a significant corner of your living room or your porch! The London-based Piano Auctions Limited auctioned a c2007 Model B at a price of £39,000 as recent as June 2019. This emphasizes on the worth of such timeless vintages in adding an element of grandeur to your interior décor.

Here are some more innovative home décor ideas to give your home a taste of luxury:

Let there be light!
Lights make or break home décor. An exquisite chandelier in your living room is an epitome of luxury. Not just a chandelier in your living room, other ceiling lamps, wall lamps and table lamps also has to be in perfect rhythm to their surrounding décor. This will create the right vibe in your bedrooms, kitchen, washrooms and terrace. Artful Italian lighting from FontanaArte or an Art Deco figural lamp or 19th century Ovoid Body Lamp from Casa d’arte Paoletti are definite conversation-starters at homes that spells splendour.

Antique furniture
For priceless elegance, what better than ageless antiques. Imagine a magnificent piece of vintage masterpiece for luxuriant comfort like a high-back chair and ottoman, designed in 1935 by the ace celebrity designer, JK Chen. For softer undertones, let the opulence of authentic antiques like Biedermeier armless settee set the tone for your formal evenings.

Experiment with wallpapers
Wallpapers can define the mood for your home décor when chosen with panache. Welcome luxury into your home by experimenting with vintage florals that are reminiscent of the British Victorian era. For a more modern look, try out abstract patterns of modern art. If nature is your true calling, landscape designs that depict lush greenery of the magnificent mountains or a sunny beach view fusing into the pristine ocean is a good idea. Stick to a suave colour palette that complements the surrounding hues or go bold for that vibe of flamboyance. The styles are endless as you run amok with ideas that evoke luxury.

Exotic carpets
Persian carpets are synonymous with undisputed elegance and are certainly a prized possession for your home. The intricate weave and sheer finesse of its embroidery is par excellence. Decades go by and trends come in full circles, but certain classics withstand the test of time. A Mansour Hand-knotted Tabriz Rug that stands for understated sophistication or more vibrant richness from Holland & Sherry Santorini are some suggestions to introduce a hint of opulence in your home.

Masterpiece paintings and sculptures
Explore the best of antique and contemporary artworks, across genres and artists, at Sotheby’s and Christie’s – auction houses that need no introduction. Choose from masterpieces from classical painters like Monet and Van Gogh or contemporary artists like Takashi Murakami and Ed Ruscha. An antique 18th century Madonna and Child and colourful Chinese Cloisonné Elephants are some sculptures that you can consider from the myriad of celebrated artworks that your home deserves to be adorned with.

Vases are another piece of art that adds variety not just with their design, but shape, size and texture as well. Pick up some vases - papier-mâché, blown glass or hand-painted ones on your next vacation, or invest in some antique ones online. You never know, that might just be the 'it' piece which completes the décor. A 19th century Persian-styled enamel and gilt paisley pattern or a rare Renaissance-themed vintage baluster vase or a pristine Chinese Jun Ware Meiping porcelain vase are just a few options that will leave you spoilt for choice.