Futuristic Luxury Furniture Designs

How fascinating is it that art almost always experiments and explores beyond boundaries. The joy is to create - to create something new, something that has never been done before. And when that touches a cord with people who are passionate about art, it gives birth to a classic cult that is passed down generations.

Luxury, creativity and sustainability - all of these elements can co-exist in blissful symphony and create timeless art. The same holds true for furniture designs.

Here are some iconic furniture designs that enable us to embrace sustainable luxury with panache.

Ralph Lauren Tufted Club Chair
The celebrated Tufted Club Chair from the iconic American lifestyle designer, is a part of the furniture collection in collaboration with EJ Victor. This Chalet Mahogany Club Chair draws inspiration from the original 19th century design, and is lavishly done up in plush Alexander Velvet Midnight upholstery. The exuberance of this luxury furniture design is well balanced with the utilitarian features of a rolled-and-buttoned back and turned wheels with castors.

Hellman-Chang Tao Lounge Chair
An acclaimed luxury brand in Brooklyn that defines modern minimalism with its distinctly different furniture designs. The Tao Lounge Chair is one of its most recognized furniture pieces that stands apart from the rest with its classic design elements. The dark hues of the sable oak is tastefully complemented with white and black checkered pattern of the upholstery.

Blend of tradition and contemporary
When traditional meets contemporary elements of art, it gives birth to timeless pieces. It transcends time and connects with people across cultures and eras. Luke St Leger's Japandeco series is a perfect example. It spells elegance by fusing Art Deco elements with the classy minimalism of Japanese designs to create a class of its own. The use of Scandinavian plywood integrates sustainability to this range of ageless furniture.

Lounge Chair and Ottoman
A lounge chair paired with an exquisitely designed ottoman carefully placed in a living room defines opulence. These bespoke furniture pieces by Eames, a brainchild of Charles and Ray Eames, is synonymous with timeless luxury since the time their first designs were showcased in 1956. Give leather a miss and instead experiment with its eco-friendly counterparts like faux leather.

The Bathtub Sofa
Reminiscent of the bathtub couch from the classic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's, the distinctly unique design of this furniture made it a coveted possession for luxury homes. Its timeless appeal is evident from the fact that it experiences great demand till this day. Designed from the very sustainable vintage cast iron, wrapped in sophisticated upholstery of your choice, it is a classic furniture piece that preserves timeless art and nature.

Coffee Table on Antique Sculpture
One cannot say enough about an intricately carved sculpture. A glass table top set on an artful sculpture of animals or figurines introduces a creative twist to a magnificent coffee or dining table. The renowned international designer Mark Stoddart is especially recognized for these coffee tables that are a sheer delight for art connoisseurs. Stoddart's collection boasts of a limited edition of 99 handmade bronze sculptures, mostly comprising of animals. Some other sculptures include that of a young girl collecting pebbles and a Titanic-themed piece. His signature design is a hippopotamus sculpture under a glass table top, which gives an impression of the animal emerging from water. To add to the artistic craftsmanship, use wood as an eco-friendly alternative for bronze, hence, giving voice to sustainable luxury.

Panton Chairs
A work of simplistic art, the Panton chair was unveiled for the first time by the celebrated designer, Verner Panton, in 1967. The fluidity of this modern design element stands apart from the rest, garnering enough appreciation for it to find a place at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Replace its original plastic finish with an eco-friendly material like wood or bamboo to embrace sustainable luxury.