Nature loving homes, thriving together for a better life

The feeling of bliss, tranquility and warmth is always brought together in the presence of nature. It is indeed true that we can never get enough of nature, even though we live in times where it fades away with every passing day. It is during these times that we realize the importance of our environment and the greens around us. How do we ensure that our coming generation can experience this feeling of calm and serenity too? While saving trees and planting more of them is one solution, our choices for a sustainable solution in every aspect of our lives plays an equally important role. And just like every other good habit, this too begins at home. More so, in today’s times - Sustainable homes.

How would you differentiate between a well-developed and sustainable home? Well it’s fairly simple isn’t it? A well-developed home gives you the best of amenities, beautifully designed homes but doesn’t do justice to the environment. A sustainable home however, gives you all that a well-developed home offers, while being responsible enough towards the environment. While we cannot ignore the unprecedented situations the world is facing, we surely can appreciate the fact that a home that offers greener spaces, is not just pure luxury in itself but also a need of the hour.

One such organization that lives up to its objective of improving the existence of urban cities and its residents, whilst simultaneously preparing them for and protecting them from the impacts of climate change is WOHA – a Singapore-based architectural practice recognized globally for their integration of environmental and social principles at every stage of the design process. The form and appearance of WOHA’s architecture is always guided by the local context and culture, and above all, by the local climatic conditions, which determine every energy-saving strategy. Some of the most well-known and recognized creations by WOHA are the Oasia Hotel Downtown, the School of the Arts and The Park Royal, Pickering, Singapore. They have also contributed at a global level with the 443 Queen Street in Australia, Tropical Business Park in Malaysia to name a few.

One of the magnificent projects by WOHA in India - Lodha Park, Mumbai, is nestled in a 17-acre development with a tapestry of experiences so rich, it would take a lifetime to enjoy all of them. WOHA as designer for Lodha Park has focused on light and open apartments, with effective cross ventilation and natural light for all rooms, combined with the extensive common green areas. The facade walls incorporate a variation of WOHA’s monsoon windows absorbing fresh air through the ‘specially designed ventilators’ that ensure cooling without the need for air conditioning keeping the apartments air always fresh and welcoming. An oasis of nature in an urban setting with a vibrant lifestyle, world-class service and enriching experiences woven seamlessly, Lodha Park offers a #Richer Life in its true sense.

Lodha Park, Mumbai