Redefining Luxury Living in future ready homes

Luxury lifestyle often involves creating a user experience around posh surroundings with exquisite design elements and materials. The idea of luxury living had it's turning point when the world was hit with a pandemic about six months ago. This major shift in the lifestyle where working from home became the new normal has contributed in the emergence of the concept of live-work-play under one roof.

Luxury can have many connotations. We equate luxury in our architecture and design to the quality of space and light, the tactile nature of materials and the attention to detail or the craftsmanship afforded to both the design and the build process. Luxury is not about quantity, or covering everything in marble – it’s about quality of design and space, and using materials that are timeless and well-made, and how they are put together.

In addition to this, we always emphasize on the importance of outdoor spaces such as decks, terraces and garden spaces that lets one rejuvenate in the serenity of the surrounding with breath-taking views. These outdoor spaces, that were once an emblem of luxury, have now become an essential breakout space within the house. Apart from adding value to the apartment, they make us appreciate the built spaces from a different perspective. These balconies and deck areas are one's personal outdoor oasis and in the past few months of this pandemic we have learnt and understood that it serves a much greater purpose than a few extra feet offset to the walls. We have started using our balconies to sip our morning tea and enjoy the evening drink relaxing after a stressful work from home session in the comfort of our pyjamas, or simply to enjoy the skies or the greens. The re-emergence of such outdoor spaces since the outbreak has made us realize the significance of it and the positive impact it can have on our mental health in times of such uncertainty.

In one of The World Tower homes, the design is truly a warm and the right amount of indulgent space where one wants to contentedly soak into appreciating the beautiful views that the high living offers and yet always keeping oneself grounded. And while the house exudes the warmth of a home, it successfully encapsulates the essence of luxury living. The seating is designed for flexible and fun social interactions and can be added to easily for larger groups. The balcony which is the building’s highlight running all along the curve of the living room and bedrooms, has been converted into a green outdoor bar and is the perfect outward looking social space for informal gatherings with casual colourful seating and offbeat bar counters mimicking the Mediterranean colours enjoying the breeze, sunsets and views. Similarly, in the bedrooms they become green private introspective nooks.

Industrial Designer Paul Backett, wrote that “Great designers are great empathizers. It’s what separates a design that has soul from one that’s simply well-realized.” Empathy, understanding, story-listening and collaborating to give the clients a uniquely articulated home which is a story-teller of their own lifestyle, dreams, aspirations with well-planned aesthetics and functional detailing yet something that love to come home to each night is the key to good luxury design.

Authored by Shilpa Jain Balvally and Sameer Balvally, Studio Osmosis -Principal architects & partners.