Envy of the Skyscrapers

Mumbai, the city of dreams, the melting pot of the east, is also one of the fastest developing cities in the world. It is the country's financial capital. Small wonder, it is also home to some of the most affluent people in India, and the world.

Also the lifestyle capital of India, Mumbai’s Bollywood sets the fashion and lifestyle trends for the rest of the country. And those who influence these trends are the affluent few. One of the remarkable hallmarks of these rich and famous are the envious homes they live in.

Homes of the affluent, become quite a talking point, keeping the residents and visitors in awe. These may be beach facing homes, which many famous actors and personalities heavily fortify to earn their privacy from prying eyes, curious crowds and the paparazzi.

With a finite geography, and a population bursting at the seams, Mumbai has grown vertically, boasting of some of the tallest buildings in the country. Skyscrapers have emerged as the epitome of fine urban living. These skyscrapers which surround the city's coast, with amazing views of the Arabian Sea, have always driven aspiration, weaving dreams of living among the clouds. But now comes a disruption, that challenges the epitome of urban lifestyle living. We call it the envy of the skyscrapers.

Introducing Lodha Maison, exclusive garden townhouses, set in a 7- acre podium garden. Just 12 in number, providing exotic views of the park greens, bringing together nature, luxury and privacy, to create a rare living experience in the heart of the city. Amidst the congestion of Mumbai, Lodha Maison promises to be an oasis of luxury, unmatched by none.

Set amidst a thousand trees, it boasts of a rich flora that creates a completely natural ambience. The Park at Lodha Maison offers access to the goodness of nature, right at your doorstep. This new lifestyle gets a further facelift when sun-lit decks and terraces give you solace among mild winds, carrying the fragrance of exotic flowers, woven into the melody of chirping birds.

At Lodha Luxury, we always believe that the maestros of art and design have a lot to add to an upscale quality of life. One such maestro is Patricia Urquiola, renowned world over for her bold aesthetics and avant-garde design, who has brought this unique design style to The Park clubhouse.

Think eight swimming pools, a cricket ground with a full-sized cricket pitch, an athletics track and a jogging and walking trail; these amenities are only a few from the innumerable others at Lodha Maison. With an organic herb and vegetable garden, fruit orchard, botanical park and a mini-rainforest, dispersed with water bodies and canals, waterfalls and water fountains, with a world class luxury spa in its midst. As a crucible of vibrant life and activity, offering sublime experiences to its users, making their lives richer in ways more than one can imagine.

Lodha Luxury strives to offer bespoke experiences to its residents via its in-house hospitality partner, St. Amand. Which is why we bring you Lodha Maison in a bare shell form, making room for residents to customize their home around their own unique preferences. A rare living experience where Nature meets Luxury.