Where the splendour of Nature meets the sophistication of Luxury

A city that’s starved for space is also the epitome of glamorous living. Mumbai is a city whose alluring lifestyle and trendsetting-vibe has always attracted the most affluent people from around the country and made them its residents. Its monumental towers and tinselled skyscrapers which adorn the skyline aptly defines urban living.

This vertically growing city is the ruby of real estate and the lifestyle capital of the country. But with its alternative way of thinking, India’s only true-blue luxury real-estate brand, Lodha Luxury, is ready to redefine luxury living.

By integrating indoors and outdoors with a magnificent twist, Lodha Luxury presents to you Lodha Maison, 12 exquisite and uniquely designed garden townhouses in the lap of nature. Residing in the city that never sleeps, imagine waking up to hues of lush green gardens, and bright sun-lit decks, while breathing in the fresh air provided by a thousand trees that surround this urban park, built in the heart of South Mumbai, Worli!

The splendour of a townhouse and comforts of a modern gated community may seem like a rare combination but at Lodha Maison, it’s a privileged living experience. These exclusive townhouses extend across 5 levels with private front and rear gardens, with an elevator leading down to a direct access underground parking.

In the crunched geography of Mumbai, the idea of a private villa is considered a luxury, but the same is dominant in cities like New York, London, or even New Delhi. The residences at Lodha Maison allow you to fully immerse yourself in the interplay of nature and luxury with its open-to-sky courtyard and a 7-acre park.

Amidst the monotony of the city’s concrete jungles, Lodha Maison is like a breath of fresh air, an oasis of nature in an urban setting. And the two are seamlessly interwoven by WOHA - the pioneers of green high rises, whose patented 'breathing architecture' ensures that every townhouse is naturally ventilated.

While Lodha Maison gives city-dwellers a chance to experience suburbia without having to leave the city, it also represents an architectural design that’s a class apart. Patricia Urquiola, known to the world for her bold aesthetics and avant-garde design, has brought her opulence and creative genius to the design of the Lodha Park clubhouse and transformed its spacious interiors into her masterpiece.

Lodha Maison offers a rare living experience to its residents where nature meets luxury. It is built for those who have a taste for finer things in life and are ready to swap their skyscrapers for a true family home.