The Role of Heritage in Modern Luxury

“Make a better future by developing elements from the past.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The quote above is considered to be one of the best explanations of the concept of Heritage – a word almost as difficult to define as ‘luxury’.

Heritage can take form through maintained traditional values, symbolism, expert craftsmanship, and even through landmark locations amongst several other avenues. While luxury is constantly evolving with newer and younger generations, the importance of conserving the heritage aspect is still prevalent for many modern luxury brands. The challenge is to strike that fine balance between the progressive and the traditional.

What heritage does for a modern luxury brand is pave the way for rich storytelling, provide true differentiation and create a sense of timelessness. Taking luxury fashion brands for example, many of which were founded centuries ago, always evolve with time (as the fashion industry demands) however they maintain a certain style and insignia that stays true to their roots and traditional values.

Lobby at Lodha Altamount displaying Picasso’s art

Louis Vuitton took the display of their heritage one step further with “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez”, an exhibition containing 15 rooms that walks through the brands entire history – from conception to modern day.

Putting Lodha Luxury under the microscope, the luxury brand has introduced elements of heritage through expert and iconic craftsmanship as well as historic landmark addresses. Lodha Altamount – one of Lodha Luxury’s signature projects in Mumbai – while relatively new, is built in an area that is rich with history and heritage. Once owned by the legendary Maharaja Hari Singh, Altamount Road – often referred to as Billionaires’ Row – is and has always been home to some of the most powerful and influential people in the country.

In 1929, the most prestigious piece of land – the highest point on the road – was purchased by the United States of America to build The Washington House, home of the US Consulate. Today, that very piece of land is where Lodha Altamount stands and through its craftsmanship and preservation historic art – namely Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece “La Plage, Juan-les-Pins” created in 1937 – it has maintained that heritage while still providing experiences that modern luxury consumers have come to expect.