Landmarks that Define City Skylines

Since time immemorial, man has been obsessed by the idea of creating beautiful mansions, palaces and buildings of any kind really that signify power. These addresses stand for something. They are landmarks within their own right. That is exactly what each of our Lodha Luxury properties stand at.

From the former address of the Bentley brothers, which is where No.1 Grosvenor Square stands today to Lodha Altamount, perched on the highest point of Altamount Road, also called the ‘Billionaire's Row’, which is at the tenth most expensive street in the world. They are coveted, desired, pure seats of power and pride. All properties will always exist at the most desirable addresses of the world. This is the first and most fundamental pillar of Lodha Luxury.

With a unique collection of properties across India and UK, Lodha Luxury represents the highest standards of luxury living. The Collection by Lodha Luxury prevails through some of the most exclusive addresses around the world- lavish neighbourhoods surrounded by elegant heritage precincts, vibrant contemporary city centers or locations endowed with rare natural beauty.

The World Villas is another gem from The Collection, which stands tall as the top tier of World One. It offers magnificent proportions that are complemented by sweeping views of the Arabian Sea.

The iconic No 1 Grosvenor Square is destined to be London’s most sought out address. The historical property is situated at the heart of Mayfair with a classically-inspired landscaping with a marvelous history that can be traced back to 1726. The former address of the Bentley Brothers and a part of the Duke of Westminster’s most coveted estate in Mayfair, Central London.

The latest addition in this Collection is Lodha Maison, a life where nature meets luxury in the heart of Mumbai city. Only 12 in number, these garden townhouses are poised to be one of the most unique offerings in town. The crowning glory of The Park in Worli, Lodha Maison is an urban oasis, surrounded by 7 acres of greenery. The location provides a perfect escape from the city, set amidst 1,000 trees of diverse species and abundance of nature.

These rare living experiences are curated exclusively for connoisseurs of luxury living. Only those with a discerning eye get the pleasure of calling these landmark addresses their home.