Lodha Luxury - Experience the Exquisite

An unparalleled experience of opulence, draped in masterful strokes of celebrated architects, luxury never eludes the ones with a penchant for elegance at Lodha Luxury. Each construction is a masterpiece in itself and these grandiose works of art grace the expansive skylines, it comes as no surprise that Lodha Luxury is a priceless journey - a journey sealed by a blueprint and awakened into reality by the finest craftsmen. The journey is no less than a pristine white canvas brought to life by the precise and confident movements of the brush. It spawns from a small figment of imagination of the artist, taking the luxuriant form of a bespoke piece of fine art that will find its rightful place under the arch lights of a museum of prestige or a glamorous auction house.

The World Villas

Lodha Luxury is a celebration of exquisite art amidst a luxuriant lifestyle at premiere locations that are selected with utmost precision. It is where art merges seamlessly with everyday luxury. It strikes a perfect symphony between the three indispensable elements of a lavish lifestyle - luxury, location, and art. Saying that it's a treat for connoisseurs of art is simply an understatement!

Living Room at Lodha Maison

At Lodha Luxury, exclusivity is paramount for the shared value system that appreciates the finest life. We maintain exclusivity right from the luxury experiences we create for our residential community and personalised services to the Members Only Club, and Privileged Access to curated events in the world of art, fashion, and culture. Needless to say, some of our artworks adorning our walls have been especially secured from acclaimed auction houses like Christie's.

There’s no stone unturned in creating pure, undiluted luxury with paintings from artists like Pablo Picasso - some of the best that the world has ever known. The brand is committed to exquisite craftsmanship, the fine arts, and passion for providing truly experiences to the finest connoisseurs of luxury living in Mumbai. Bespoke properties and impeccable services enable Lodha Luxury to create a niche for itself as one-of-a-kind thought leaders of the Indian real estate industry.

La Plage by Picasso at Lodha Altamount

The efforts are wholeheartedly directed towards ensuring luxury experiences, uncompromised in the truest sense of the term. We dedicatedly work towards fulfilling every desire of our valued members. At Lodha Luxury, it is our dream to create artful luxury that is worth passing down generations - an asset that speaks of your panache for everything grandiose and beautiful, a classic piece of timeless art that will be an asset which the future too would cherish as much as you do.